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GoldenPlus Gcash Online Casino

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GoldenPlus  is an online gaming platform that offers Live, Baccarat, Sabong, Slot, Fishing Games and exclusive slot chicken games. Using GCash and local bank transactions, it ensures a safe and convenient playing environment.

It offers a wide range of entertaining games in a variety of genres, including slots, fish, tables, arcade, and the popular local cockfighting game. And with a variety of promotional bonuses

Claim Free 60php

Sign up by phone and get free 60PHP, Gcash casino cashout, 100% bonus on first deposit, up to 2000PHP.

Online Slot Machines-Golden Empire slot

Ready to try your luck? Come and try our hottest item!

Golden Empire slots have some amazing numbers: 32,400 paylines, 4 big wilds, 8 free spins.

Seeing these numbers, players can expect a game with multiple combinations that emphasize elimination of connections.

In this ancient Mayan golden empire. Filled with gorgeous graphics and ancient mythological symbols.The game is 5×6 reels with an additional row on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. When you start the free game.When you start free play, you accumulate a multiplier for each game you eliminate, and the bonus multiplier for the next elimination takes a multiple of the current accumulation.

Up to 2000 times the prize money

The most anticipated thing in the game should be the appearance of the golden frame symbol.Whenever a golden frame symbol appears, it means that there is a chance to get more than 4 wildconnections. The wild function of the golden frame symbol will help us achieve unimaginable consecutive wins. The maximum prize is 2000 times.

How to win on Golden Empire slots?

A very nice feature of the game is that after the symbol is removed from the connection, the first hand will drop the patch symbol and redeem it for a bonus.This is great news for players: it means you only have to bet once. It is possible to win countless combos.Collect as many gold box symbols as possible and the free spins will bring higher multiplier bonuses!

Ready to get into the game? Just use your cell phone to register quickly and Easy to play and more exclusive and rich games are waiting for you to experience,For more information, go to

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